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lundi 10 janvier 2011


O great God Almighty, creator of the universe through your will that all things subsist. I call for help in this dangerous and painful struggle in which I am considered as an object of scorn and reduced to mere status as a target for destruction. I appeal to you so that you will allow me to survive to all this psychological, physical and spiritual warfare, and finally live.

O God of all Grace, I call for help to finally love triumphs and the curse be transmuted into a blessing flow. I call for help to finally find happiness and live according to your will. I ask you to release me, me and mine, from the yoke which weighs on us and regain our dignity as human beings.

O God, Source of all Life, I call for help to quench my thirst for life. I call for you to nourish myself to your divine source of love to emerge in me forces of life. Also, I request the assistance of Heaven to help me to fight evil and spread around me a flood of purifying and energizing light.

O God of infinite Love, drive your love into the heart of my attackers, brought to their attention their lack of love and release them from hatred and evil. Triumph with love and finally spread its flood into infinity.

O God of Justice, raise up to help me in front of so much injustice. Day and night, be my resort. Lord of Hosts, raise up to arrest those who commit hate crimes against people that you have created and to rescue  the blind ones who ruin their lives by taking roads of paths of pride, selfishness and hatred.

O Forgiveness God,
you know that nobody is perfect. Forgive me my weakness as well as that one of  those who are hostile to me. Forgive their ignorance or unconsciousness which often feed some strong beliefs that substitute the truth.

O God of Peace, may your Holy Spirit comes illuminate the steps of those who takes the roads of war and violence, make them clearly see the consequences of their action and the marks left on others and direct them to more peaceful paths.

Special intention:
Prion all for humanity, prion for all targeted individuals by Gang Stalking, torture and mind control from everywhere in the world, prion for those who hurt us without forgeting those missing because of that covert war. God be our Strenght!

Copyright Quenneville France, July 31st, 2010.
Traduction, France quenneville, January 10 th, 2011.


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