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mercredi 12 janvier 2011

JOAN OF ARC model of combative woman persecuted.

Joan of Arc, victim of conspiracy, jealousy of some and the treachery of others, you have continued your fight as the Holy Spirit commanded to you thee to undertake never to turn from your quest. Thank you for helping me to affirm my convictions with courage in carrying out my mission. The lighting of the Holy Spirit makes me discover my enemies, even those I can not see. Joan of Arc, along with St. Michael the Archangel, fighting the shadow of the artisans and their accomplices. Together, reduce to naught all their malicious plans.

Joan of Arc, falsely accused of all sorts of crimes that you did not commit, you have persevered in listening to divine guidance in spite of your imprisonment and your isolation. Thank you for encouraging me to continue my fight and stay alert to signs of divine despite all the pain and suffering that this imposes. Thank you to make me let myself be guided by the Divine and to raise my frequency over all energy disorder. I argue, against all odds with confidence by following my intuition, despite the density of the harmful waves destructive invading my environment. And, despite the loneliness and chaos, I remain calm. I am filled with gratitude and continues to celebrate life.

Joan of Arc, even if you were the one to see what was going on, you knew in your heart what was right. Help me to trust my intuition that I walk with the same certainty that you in achieving my life's mission. You, whose approach was focused solely on love, make sure that I can focus on my strength and put my experiences to serve the greater good of all. So, I'll go straight and wear a light shining armor of God's infinite love.

Joan of Arc, misjudged and unfairly convicted, you refused to acknowledge the wrongs that were not yours, as you I affirm my own truth. I preserve my integrity and this precious self-confidence. You, martyrdom burned alive despite your innocence, you never lost faith. Your example helps me to still beleive despite   these suffering. In addition, you raise my vibrational frequency level at compassion level. By confronting my own pain, I can feel so much yours, as well as sufferings of  all others. I thank the Divine to have placed you in my path during my quest for freedom and also for a happy ending of my situation. You really are a great source of inspiration. Like you, I want to become a model of listening to God's instructions.

Joan of Arc, your martyrdom has become the symbol of the victory of love over the chaos and nothingness. Intercede for us to God so that we're all preserved from evil and suffering. Humanity has to remember your struggle for Truth and the Life. As you, that God to be my strength! Amen.

Copyright Quenneville France, December 29th, 2010.
Traduction: Quenneville, France, January, 12th, 2011.


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