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vendredi 24 juin 2011


(3 x Our Father † )

I ask the Holy Spirit to increase my light so I can shine harder and further. I implore him to bring peace to all mankind. I ask the United Hearts of Jesus our savior and Mary, Mother of Heaven and Queen of the angels; to the archangel St. Michael, my guide  and leader, and to other archangels; my guardian angel (his name) and to the other angels and all saints and more specifically to (name them) ... than offer me their presence and helping me to channel all my energy for release of the "Gang Stalking" and torture. Thus I need help to take back my power and my personal live.

That I be delivered, me and mine, from destruction in all its forms ...

... Of Manupulation of the mind;
... Of hate and revenge;
...Of destructive minds and those who follow them;
... Of any malice or evil directed against us;
... Of Harassment by the community;
... Of The constant surveillance;
... Of Psychological harassment;
... Of mind control;
... Of electronic harassment;
... Of Assault and sexual abuse;
... Of Physical abuse and torture.

That criminals and their accomplices be arrested.
That their plans are unveiled, their corruption and their work destroyed.
That these crimes are clearly identified and punished.
That laws can take action against this crime.
That our sufferings be relieved and our wounds healed.
That we can live our full life at all levels.
That we can be who we are and assert our own truth.
That a flood of love, peace, reciprocity and harmony start to flow in all our relationships.
Than this experience serves justice, love and peace.
That the world become aware of the phenomenon of Gang Stalking and experiences of victims.
That the world learns compassion and support to others in the painful experience
Than support and tender loving care be offered to all victims, without exception.
That missing victims stays in our hearts and in our memories for ever.
That make everyone aware of his responsibility in the destruction of his fellows.

... and all energies contrary to this purpose be given to the Mother Earth as food and being transformed into subtle energies of light by the will of our Lord Jesus Christ!. Amen! This is!

I thank everyone I called for their help and thank God for his help and all its benefits. Glory to the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit, God is and who was and is to come, now and ever and ever. Amen!
(3 x Hail Mary, Glory †)

Copyright Quenneville France, 24 juin, 2011.

Words to say :
Love - Peace - Freedom - Forgiveness - Truth - Justice - Compassion - Tender loving care - Dignity - Awareness - Respect - Light - Protection - Strength - Courage - Healing - Abundance - Security - Credibility - Privacy - Comfort - Relief - Beauty - Renewal - Serenity - Sharing - Collaboration - Reciprocity - Understanding, Etc..

Version en français: 


Ô grand Dieu tout puissant, créateur de l’univers, c’est par ta volonté que subsistent toutes choses. Je t’appelle au secours dans ce dangereux et douloureux combat dans lequel je suis considérée comme un objet de mépris et réduite au simple statut de cible à détruire. Je fais appel à toi pour que tu me permettes de survivre à toute cette violence morale, physique et spirituelle, et que je puisse vivre enfin...

O great God Almighty, creator of the universe through your will that all things subsist. I call for help in this dangerous and painful struggle in which I am considered as an object of scorn and reduced to mere status as a target for destruction. I appeal to you so that you will allow me to survive to all this psychological, physical and spiritual warfare, and finally live... 

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