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jeudi 27 janvier 2011

MARIA GORETTI, patron of youth and victims of sexual assault, July 6.

MARIA GORETTI, patron  of youth and victims of sexual assault, I ask you to protect me and help me free myself from my difficulties to forgive. I entrust  you all negative emotions (anger, shame, fear, worry, etc.) that I can feel towards the situation or people involved. I ask you to protect all youth from sexual abuse and all forms of abuse, including those who are assisted by technologies like the Internet or otherwise.

MARIA GORETTI, I ask you to pray with me for a positive transformation of those who commit this crime or any other form of abuse. That they become impregnated with a purifying violet light and being filled with the infinite divine love. I ask the same thing for those who by their words, their actions or their inaction, encouraged them.

MARIA GORETTI, pure martyrdom, thank you for helping to lighting on my heart and cleanse it of its shadows so that I remain faithful to God and his infinite love. Thank you for celebrating with me the happy outcome of the situation. Amen.

Copyright Quenneville France, January 27th, 2010.
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